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Handmade Alaskan Wood Art

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Birchleaf Turning specializes in custom wooden bowls for a variety of uses. These include party and snack bowls, keepsake and potpourri bowls and yarn bowls. Our bowls are made from Alaskan Birch, White Spruce, Poplar, Aspen and Diamond Willow. We also offer custom bowls or platters from your own wood. If you have a tree that blew down or is dying or dead and want a memento of it for your family, please contact us.

Party Bowls

Our Party Bowls could make your table a conversation piece. Made from Alaska Birch, each food-safe bowl includes an Alaskan-made sauce dish. Perfect for guacamole sauce and chips or your favorite snack to munch and play a game or watch TV.

Yarn Bowls

Our Yarn Bowls are made from either Alaskan Birch or Poplar. Both woods are very suitable for this large piece. These bowls can take several weeks or even months to process. I select the appropriate piece of wood, as I look for density, grain pattern and coloring. These bowls are made from the end grain or ‘bottom’ of the log so the grain typically has a beautiful pattern at the bottom of the bowl. All bowls are finished inside and out for a durable finish that will give you years of happy knitting!

Keepsake Bowls

Our Keepsake Bowls are attractive, decorative pieces that will grace your home. They also make unique gifts to be treasured for a lifetime. We have several different keepsake bowl designs.

The Alaska Collection

Visitors from around the world and those who live here enjoy the wonders of our Great Land.  John’s residency in Alaska of 30 years gives him a unique perspective on the beauty of the Aurora, the Wilderness and the trees that provide homes for countless birds and mammals.  We hope you agree that his pieces in the Alaska Collection reveal the beauty of the special place that we call Home.

Salad Bowls

Salad Bowls are designed to show the unique coloring and grain patterns of the Alaska Birch log. They are dried for several weeks or months as necessary. Our salad bowls represent a limited product line. I love making them as each one is unique.

Serving Platters

Beautiful serving platters from Alaska Birch. Finished with a food-safe oil to grace your table for many years. Serving platters are ideal for mixed nuts, chips or sliced veggies.  Use them to display treats and snacks for your guests or everyday use.

Fruit Bowls

Our fruit bowls are fully food-safe and functional pieces of Alaskan art.  You’ll love to use these conversation pieces to hold your fruit or other food stuffs.

Candy/Nut Dishes

A Candy/Nut Dish is the perfect table decoration for friends that drop by and want something to munch on. These pieces make great gifts that special friends and family members will love.

Pastry Pins

Our Pastry Pins, also known as ‘rolling pins’ are made mainly from Alaska Birch.  Occasionally I am able to find a suitable piece of Alaska Poplar, Alaska White Spruce or rarely, Diamond Willow.  Different styles are available depending on your baking needs but French and Traditional are what most customers prefer.

Our pastry pins are in homes around the world and it has been my honor to have them purchased as wedding gifts and other special occasions.  Each one comes with care instructions to store in a hand-sewn water-resistant breathable fabric case made by my wife, Alica.  The pin you see is what you will receive.  We make each pin based on the log we have; we do not mass-produce anything so every pin is unique to coloring.  Guaranteed for life against warpage or cracking, we hope your pastry pin will help give you or your loved ones many wonderful pastries from your kitchen.


Tealights are the perfect mood-setting piece for your table or bedroom. They also make excellent gifts. Tealights come in a range of designs and colors. The piece pictured on each product page is the actual piece you will receive.


Our kitchenware features muddling sticks, which were first created after a customer’s special request. Each one is slightly different in coloring and wood patterns but they have been very popular.  Use them to grind up herbs or seasonings in your drinks.  They have a food-safe wax finish.  When you finish using them, simply wipe dry and roll up in a paper towel for your next round of drinks. A great gift idea! 

Alaska Fish Whackers

The perfect gift for a fisherman. An Alaskan Fish Whacker is just what you need in your boat or tackle box to subdue Alaska’s large salmon.