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Pastry Pins

Our Pastry Pins, also known as ‘rolling pins’ are made mainly from Alaska Birch.  Occasionally I am able to find a suitable piece of Alaska Poplar, Alaska White Spruce or rarely, Diamond Willow.

We offer four styles: French, Traditional, Straight and Mini. Most customers prefer the French and Traditional designs.

Our pastry pins are in homes around the world and it has been my honor to have them purchased as wedding gifts and other special occasions.  Each one comes with care instructions to store in a hand-sewn water-resistant breathable fabric case made by my wife, Alica.  The pin you see is what you will receive.  We make each pin based on the log we have; we do not mass-produce anything so every pin is unique to coloring.  Guaranteed for life against warpage or cracking, we hope your pastry pin will help give you or your loved ones many wonderful pastries from your kitchen.

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